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Hockey Sticks – New & Now in Red!

To complement the range of gas and electric meter boxes available from stock, W T Knowles also has availability of various accessories such as “hockey sticks” for channelling the cable from the meter box into the ducting below ground.

Hockey Stick is the industry name commonly used to describe the tubing complete with 90° bend that connects the electric meter with the underground service ducting.

This provides extra mechanical protection as well as making it easy for the Utility supplier to run in the supply cable without having to clip it up the wall.

The stick is normally visible at 1.0m to 1.2m from the meter box to the floor ground level extending to a depth of 600mm below ground.

White or Black are the most common colours of the hockey sticks but some Utility companies are now specifying the use of RED ended hockey sticks (with a white visible top installed at the meter cabinet position), particularly where RED service ducting is used. This ensures greater safety and easier identification of the power cables should any post installation ground works be necessary

W T Knowles has immediate availability of all “Hockey Sticks”, including the new Red Ended style, meter boxes and accessories.

At Knowles, we are committed to helping keep you in front of the competition!