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Roads, Pathways and Parks

Improperly drained paths lead to the collection of surface water as puddles, causing hazardous walking conditions in winter due to freezing or encouraging the growth of mosses, weeds and other vegetation which lead to cracked, damaged and unsightly pathways.Poor drainage is the cause of most problems in path management

Roads and Pathways in Parks and recreational grounds can be improved by the inclusion of channel blocks, which are used for path edging and to provide surface water drainage run off on footpaths and walkways.

Various styles are available including shallow path edging channels, deep path edging channels as well as shallow and deep channel blocks.


Manufactured from unique salt glazed clay, W T Knowles channels and channel blocks are frost resistant and do not fade unlike other materials used in these applications.

These are complimented by an extensive range of dishes, gullies and other items in the W T Knowles range to provide a complete suite of products to manage surface water drainage.

Aesthetically pleasing and long lasting they are an excellent investment for the park owner and are an attractive pleasing addition to a relaxing and environmentally friendly environment.

Golf Courses

golfcoursepictureMany Golf courses suffer from drainage problems, which not only affect the playability of the course but also the general appearance and reputation.

Outlying public areas can also be similarly affected which give a poor overall impression of the facilities.

Excess water and soil compaction often result in rapid deterioration of playing surfaces and ultimately can lead to the surface becoming damaged and quality of play severely affected.

The right drainage is essential in prolonging and maintaining the quality of a playing surface. Specialist drainage designers and contractors are generally employed to assist with design, excavation and installation of the drainage system. Equally important is the correct selection of products used in the system.

The use of Clay Channels and Gullies are excellent in allowing the collection of surface water on cart paths.

Land drains or perforated pipes are installed around the course to collect surface water and these are connected to solid pipes, which link to an open and free flowing drainage system.

W T Knowles limited supply an extensive range of Clay Channels, Gullies, Pipes and accessories to assist the drainage designer, contractor and golf course owner in effective drainage control.

Further information is available in the technical section or by contacting W T Knowles on 01422 372833.