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NPC Flexible Repair Coupling


NPC Flexible Repair Couplings are used in new drain construction to connect pipes where resistance to shear loads is not required.

These are used to connect pipes of different materials, construction and size and can be used with Salt glazed Ware, Vitrified Clay, Densleeve, Supersleve, Cement, Pitch Fibre, Ductile Iron, Cast Iron (Soil, Drain, SMU/Ensign), Stainless steel, Corrugated plastic, Twin-Wall Plastic, ABS and PVC-U pipe.

They are particularly suitable for making connections between special substructure (e.g. cast iron) and external (e.g. vitrified clay) drain-pipes

Typical Uses for Common NPC Repair Couplings

NPC115 – 110mm PVC-U, 100mm Cast Iron (Soil), Cast Iron (SMU/Ensign), Stainless Steel, Corrugated Plastic and ABS Pipe.
NPC125 – 100mm Supersleve, Cast Iron (Drain), Ductile Iron, Grey Iron, Cement, Pitch Fibre and Twin-Wall Plastic.
NPC135 – 100mm Supersleve, Salt Glazed Ware (4″), Vitrified Clay, Densleeve, Pitch Fibre and Cement Pipe
NPC195 – 150mm Superleve, Salt Glazed Ware (6″), Vitrified Clay, Cement, Pitch Fibre and Densleeve Pipe

For typical uses of other product codes please refer to WT Knowles

Product Code Min OD (mm) Max OD (mm)
NPC115 100 115
NPC125 110 125
NPC135 120 135
NPC150 135 150
NPC175 160 175
NPC185 170 185
NPC195 180 195