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Rebuilding Beamish

W T Knowles are proud to add to Britain’s Heritage in helping to “Rebuild Beamish” by supplying a number of glazed dishes and gullies to improve the drainage.

Beamish, also known as the ‘Living Museum of the North’ is an open air museum in the North East, created to “illustrate vividly” the way of life of “ordinary people” and bring the region’s history alive.

Funded by a £10.9million grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Remaking Beamish project is a major milestone in Beamish’s history, and it will help the museum create a range of new ways for people to experience the heritage of the North East.
It is the largest single investment ever seen at Beamish.

The centrepiece will be a reconstructed 1950s Town – meaning that alongside existing attractions depicting life in the early 19th and 20th centuries, the museum will once again include a period within living memory.
The project includes a 1950s Town, 1950s Farm and expansion of the Georgian area, including a coaching inn where visitors can stay overnight.

The first building of the 1950s town was officially opened on Saturday 22nd June and the rest of the project will take around four years to be completed.