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WT Knowles suppy a range of gullies to St Pancras Station, London

The recently refurbished St Pancras Station is being kept flood free by the inclusion of 20 square to round clay washout gullies and other associated equipment supplied by WT Knowles.

The washout gullies are 6” (150mm) x 4” (100mm) size with “S” outlets and vertical access points with rectangular metal sealing plates to allow for ease of inspection. 40 raising pieces were also supplied to for tight fit connections to the existing drainage pipe work, which dates from the war years and beyond.

St Pancras was originally constructed in 1868 but was extensively damaged during the Blitz of London During WWII. Despite the devastation, the engineers of London Midland and Scottish Railways soon had the station up and running again.

These gullies were previously listed in National catalogue under reference NAT 192 but now are not shown in any current literature as their use has diminished in recent years. The wealth of knowledge and the extensive collection of patterns held at WT Knowles was crucial in their identification and replacement.

WT Knowles were chosen as the preferred manufacturer due to their unique abilities to manufacture bespoke solutions in clay as a result of their 100 year old history in manufacturing clay pipes, drainage equipment and chimney pots.

WT Knowles & Sons Ltd is a family run company based in Elland Yorkshire, which has been producing clay drainage and chimney pots since 1906.

The company still maintains many of the traditional clay moulding techniques from the early 20th century, producing both glazed and unglazed products manufactured to BS65, BS EN 295 and BS EN ISO 9002 standards.