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Minimum specifications exist for farmyard drainage, concrete yards and roads.Separate drainage systems are required to deal with 3 types of liquid to be drained away from farmyards:

  • Surface water systems – to divert all existing land drains around the farmyard site; to trap and drain clean rainwater, which may flow from higher ground when the soil is saturated; to dispose of rainwater from roofs or foul drains etc by discharging directly into a ditch, stream or river.
  • Soiled water systems
    Silage effluent systems – to collect via channels and to pipe directly to an appropriate storage facility.

Inspection chambers, including manholes are recommended at all changes of direction in these systems. W T Knowles manhole covers can be used in this application.

In addition to the extensive range of clay pipes, junctions and gullies used to increase drainage in farmers fields (as detailed in the land and field drainage section), W T Knowles supplies an extensive range of sealing plates and grates for use with the gullies when installed in the farmyard and in barns.

Troughs, manger tubes, corner mangers and manger tube stop end pieces are also available for agricultural use.Channel pipes are used in ditches and dyke bottoms to aid surface water run off. These can be supplied with W T Knowles clay flap valves to prevent backflow. The clay body combined with the metal flap work in perfect combination to form a compatible easy to fit non-return valve

The W T Knowles range of Clay Agricultural products also caters for livestock through the availability of clay Poultry Troughs, Round and Square Sheep Troughs, Cattle Troughs, and Horse Mangers with combined Water Boxes.

Corner Mangers are also available as feeding and drinking troughs, which allow the best use of space in confined barns and stalls

For larger herds, Manger tube stop end pieces can be combined with manger tubes to increase the length of the feeding trough and increase the number of livestock catered for at any one time.

Manger tubes have been used in fruit transportation in the cider industry.

Further information is available in the technical section or by contacting W T Knowles on 01422 372833.