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W T Knowles offers a comprehensive range of clay pipes and accessories for a variety of applications in the construction industry.Products are supplied into the new housing, civil construction and repair and maintenance markets.Clay has been used as a building material for hundreds of years due to it’s robust construction and environmentally friendly nature.

The recently refurbished St Pancras Station is being kept flood free by the inclusion of W T Knowles square to round clay washout gullies and other associated equipment.

The washout gullies have a P outlet as standard but are also available with Q and S outlets and vertical access points with rectangular metal sealing plates to allow for ease of inspection. For further information refer to product code KRG2/1

Raising pieces were also supplied to accommodate tight fit connections to the existing drainage pipe work and the raised floor, which dates from the war years and beyond.

WT Knowles were chosen as the preferred manufacturer due to their unique abilities to manufacture bespoke solutions in clay as a result of their 100 year old history in manufacturing clay pipes, and drainage equipment.

Conservation charities such as the National Trust, specify clay to maintain historic landscapes.

construction-insetpic2In addition to their extensive range of Clay Pipes, W T Knowles can also supply Raising Pieces, Grease Traps, Surface Boxes, Interceptors, Hoppers (used on gullies to feed water into the drain) and Manhole covers (triangular, double triangular and rectangular design),

Oblique and Square Saddles are available in diameters from 100mm to 450mm and are ideal for tapping and making junctions into existing drains without breaking the existing drain.

W T Knowles offers an extensive range of Clay Gullies to suit a variety of applications. These include Yard, Road, Wash out, Mud and Semi Universal Gullies with round or square tops.

Square Gully’s are available with horizontal or vertical inlets and with sockets or plain end connections. Full details of the inlet combinations can be seen by refering to the Gullies, Raising Pieces and Hoppers product section.

Filter and Silt buckets are available to use with the gullies to catch sediment.

Further information is available in the technical section or by contacting W T Knowles on 01422 372833.